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Daisetsuzan National Park PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 March 2008 16:27

Daisetsuzan National Park (Daisetsuzan-kokuritsukoen, also pronounced Taisetsuzan) is located in the mountainous center of the island of Hokkaido. At 2267.64 square kilometers, Daisetsuzan is the largest national park in Japan. The name means Great Snowy Mountain, an apt description of these peaks - 15 of them over 2000 meters - that offer some of the most rugged hiking in Japan. The Ainu name for Daisetsuzan, kamui-mintara, translates to "playground of the gods"

How to get there?

There are no train lines within the park. The nearest stations are Asahikawa to the west, Kami-Furano on the southern side and Rubeshibe to the east. The best way to get to the park is the 9:10 bus from the front of the Asahikawa Station to the Asahidake rope way for 1,300Yen. There is also a bus from the Kami-Furano Station to the trailheads of Tokachi-dake and Furano-dake.

What to see?

Asahi-dake (2,290m).

Ashi Dake
The tallest mountain in Hokkaido and one of its the main attraction. The easiest way to reach Asahidake is by bus from the city of Asahikawa. Catch a Chuo bus from outside Asahikawa JR station to Minamikawa, and catch a coach fom there into the park. The coach runs twice a day in the off season (about November to May) and three times a day in the on season (about May to October). Chuo buses to Minamikawa run every hour.


Sounkyo Onsen 

Sounkyo Onsen
The famed hot spring  resort on the far north part of the park close to Kuro-Dake.


Tokachi-dake (2077m)

Tokachi Dake
The trekking starting point for Mt. Tokachi dake is located 1270m above sea level from the top of the road beside the Ryounkaku Onsen. The conditions at the top of the mountain can tend to be unpredictable and harsh. Please prepare proper gear. This course starts from the Tokachidake Onsen area.


Furano-dake & Genshigahara Wetlands (1912.1m)

You can climb up Mt. Furano dake enjoying trekking through spectacular scenery.

Genshigahara Wetlands has two routes:

Taki /Waterfall Course: 5hr 20mins up, and the 3hr 50min down or

Rinkan /Forest Course: 4 and a half hour trekking course.


Mt.Furano-Nishidake (1331.1m)

Furano Nishi Dake
There are two routes, Kyu-dou and Furano Ski Hill Course. Kyu-do takes 3 and a half hours (3 hrs down) and starts from the small Hahako?do Shrine near Goryou Line Gosen bus stop. Furano Ski Hill Course takes you 3 and half hours up and 2 and half hours down. It overlooks the Furano Basin and Mt. Tokachidake.



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