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Engrish - Say what? Don't you mean English?
In any language there are mishaps, and when learning a new language there are always times when you say the wrong thing. Here are some Japanese mishaps, which have gone terribly wrong!
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Yay! The List!
Japanese English 1

ZaZa City Japanese Department Store

Don't worry I'm as confused as you!

Don't run in the wrong direction!

Well I'm not responsible for you getting hurt either!

Japanese English 3

No strollers aloud in this mall!
Make your baby walk!

I guess you should just take the escalator out completely!

Japanese English 3 Ok then...
Japanese English 4

How do i Smork?

I wanna Smork too!!!

Japanese English 5 Whew! Good thing I am a foreigner
Japanese English 6
Japanese English 7

Yea girls please put these on!
Who in the world would ever want to see nipples!

For those times when you don't want nipples, think Nippless!

Japanese English 7

Excuse me, do you sell Panda Dropping scented Schedule books here?

Oh, why yes we do! Only the most fragrant ones!

(The Panda doesn't look to happy)

Japanese English 8

The most famous Japanese Engrish....da da da dummm.

Pocari Sweat !

mmm, mmm, mmm,I love the taste of sweaty water after a good work out!

Japanese English 8 Wipe my fannie baby!
Japanese English 9 Be careful they might ball the police
Japanese English 10

The second most famous Engrish in Japan! da da da da dummmm

Calpis sports drink

When only CALPIS will do

Japanese English 11 This creamer is pretty creepy.

Does your girlfriend always say she wants a BAD guy?
Then try CREAP in your coffee and let the bad times roll!
Japanese English 12 MMMMMMMM Chocolate covered babies!
Japanese English 13 When only the most comfortable Notebook will do!
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Just so you know. WE LOVE JAPAN! This page is not here to make fun of Japan or its culture. Engrish can be found in all languages and all over the world!! Just enjoy and look for Engrish around you!
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