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Sexi - So you like MIXI? Want even more? Want to join the largest Japanese adult community Sexi? Get your Sexi invite here!
Sexi - What is Sexi? Is it the same as Mixi? Yes and No, it is the Adult Version of Mixi!

Sexi is the adult version of Mixi it is has the exact same set up, but is much harder to join. With Sexi you can search for adult related friends, across Japan. It also allows adult related content and pictures. Just like Mixi, Sexi is also freei. JapanLinked.com offers free invitations to Mixi, but do to the difficulty and the amount of time I spend manually inviting and helping each user with support needs. Sexi invitations will be sent after a $5 U.S. donation to JapanLinked.com. You can pay using PayPal. PayPal is fully secured and you can either use funds directly from your PayPal account or use a credit card if you do not have one.

Please Note: This is not an automated invitation. You need to be manually invited by myself. So please be patient as I can only submit your requests on a daily basis I usually am on multiple timse per day to check, and many people are asking for invite.. I will get your invitation inputted as quickly as I can! I do check the submissions regularly. But sometimes it can and may take up to 12 hours to receive your invitation I also have a life outside of this web site! Thank you for your patience and I will post any notices here. If I will not be able to update submissions at anytime.

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HINT:Get Firefox!
There is an add-on called "Rikaichan" you can toggle this on and off, anytime your cursor is held over a Japanese or Chinese Kanji Character or word a dictionary translation will appear! Very cool!
Click below to get Firefox now!

Watch Japanese Satellite T. V. from your computer! Personally recommended and used by myself!
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